A Timeless Tale

There was a time in the transcendent past

When we were happy, we were young.

We used to laugh and play along,

And let the moments fly by

Near the lake, beneath the sky, on the greenest grass.

And the birds soaring through the breeze up high

They used to watch over and protect us.


Then one day I closed my eyes,

Recklessly, I let years after years pass by,

Shutting all the gates in my mind to the outer universe,

Living in my own world, building my own dreams,

Where no one had a passcode to enter, but me.

And when I woke up again, nothing felt the same.


The sun just shines brighter every day.

Sun rays shred through my skin,

I scream,

But no one seems to hear what I say.


Lunar flares distort my barren face.

Tears gush through my eyes, while the stellar light

Ignites my tears, and colors the pitch-dark sky

To a glorious, infernal blood red.


Blinded, wretched & shattered, I could no longer see

The remaining glances of hope, what the future holds before me.


Yet, it still rains, the fog still covers the sterile ground.

When the rain pours on my skin, it heals my wounds.

Hidden in the mystical fog, I can hear a new tune

Which speaks of unrevealed mysteries and wonders,

Which asks me to stay strong and keep moving on.

And it’s not that different from our old song.


And thus, if you hear it too, forget all your worries,

And wake up to a brighter day.

Paint your universe with the colors of a newborn sun.

And maybe one day, I’ll follow on your trails,

I’ll tune in to the same song.

Just like we used to when we were young.

And then, time will not be able to tear us apart anymore.


You and I, we will be timeless.

“Feminism” Redefined

“Feminism”- a term we are so fond of uttering these days. A term which “smart” women use to outsmart the world and solve all their problems, but do we ever give a clear thought to what it actually means to be a feminist?

Feminism does not mean that women are the superior species and all the men belong under their feet. Feminism does not mean that women have free rights to emotionally abuse and humiliate a broken soul and feel good about it. It does not mean that women don’t have to work hard to get what they deserve and everything they want will just fall on their laps whenever they want, however they want it. No, it means exactly the opposite of all that.

Feminism means being a strong enough woman to support your family and your loved ones in their difficult times, whether emotionally or financially. It means being strong enough to tell the world that a woman must be treated and respected as a human being, that they are not merely an object of display or desire. It means for a woman to be strong enough to make her own decisions in life, instead of relying on others “opinions”, and refusing to shape her life by listening to what other people or what the “society” say. Overall, it simply means being a strong, knowledgeable and independent woman, whom anybody can rely on, men and women alike, to lead them to prosperity and ease their difficulties.

And thus, my dear female counterparts of the human species, if you use the word “feminism” as a term to patronize others instead of a motto to improve your own self, then you are not really a feminist. You are just a parasite which sucks on others’ blood, which does not have any ambition of it’s own, and your only mission in life is to leave the “food source” dry after you are done with the feeding.

P.S. This is my personal blog and I just share my own thoughts here, they may or may not be identical to the reader’s point of view.

P.P.S. I think some of the characteristics described above are common within all the parasites in the world, regardless of their gender.

The Dreaded Nights

As you open your weary eyes,

With the welcoming sunrise,

As daylight shines on your face,

You wake up, and begin a new story,

Paint your hopes, write all your glory,

Upon the vast canvas

Of the world’s blissful glaze.


A new shade of colors each day,

New jargons, new rhymes and new songs

To fill up the void of the restless hours,

Too desperate to wash the old away.


As the days decay, and your dearest sun

Spreads its warmth all over the horizon,

You rest your head on earth’s slender lap

And sleep, till all your leftover memories

Wash away, as you let your dreams run


Again and again, in the dreaded nights,

While your stories rely on the daylight,

And at each day’s end, they evaporate

Into thin air, they go down with the sun.


I stand up high, I arise in those nights

With my eternal moonlight.

I walk hand in hand with the darkness,

Till the nights and I, become one.

Inorganic Emotions

I walk across an ocean full of faces

An animate human body, submerged in its soul

I watch the faces laugh, sing and play

Exultant emotions, which I feel no more.


Alone and careless, I keep on walking

Drowned in my demented, bewildering thoughts; they

Do not synchronize with your songs, they remain unaware

Of the blinding light of day.


And you wonder, your unspoken whispers

Deflect on the walls of my inner ear

Inside your tiny, incapable skulls you wonder,

Something’s terribly wrong, we must resolve this


We have to find a home for that lost soul

Before it’s too late, Before all that light

Succumbs to the ever-devouring darkness

There must be a solution, we must find a cure!


But what else do you expect from one

Wearing seclusion, an attire?

Walking a path, so alienated and dark

An abandoned trail that every living varmint fears.


Thus, suffer as much as you are hurt.

Hate, only as much as you can hate.

But, when you love, love with all your heart,

And leave the rest to fate.

Private Dictators

Every day of your life, each & every long night

You fight to decide between wrong and right

Fighting a battle within yourself you thrive to survive

With the private dictators trying to dictate your life


“Don’t run too fast, don’t walk too slow

Don’t take that road, else you’re gonna explode

You’re a fool, I’m so wise, with my long pointy nose

I’ma show you how it’s done, you’re outta control”


And now you’re torn, you’re broken, you feel so low

Your life is a mess, you just can’t go with the flow

So get up, rise and shine, and learn to say “NO”

Break free from the chains, let your wishful wind blow.

চিরচেনা প্রান্তর

বসন্তের প্রথম প্রহরে, গত শীতের হাড়ভাঙা খাটুনির পর

সমগ্র পৃথিবী যখন সন্ত্রস্ত- আধো-ঘুম আধো-জাগরণে

সূর্য তখনো গায়নি নতুন দিনের গান; নির্জন আঁধারে

দুরন্ত পথিক তখন ছুটে চলে কোন এক দূর অজানার টানে


গহীন অন্ধকার চারপাশ, হঠাৎ বিকট শব্দে হানা দিয়ে যায়

গম্ভীর কোন দূরপাল্লার দানবীয় ট্রাক

মূহুর্তের জন্য গুড়িয়ে দেয় শান্ত রাতের পরিচিত নিস্তব্ধতা

তবুও সে ছুটে চলে অজানার পানে, পাশে ফেলে এই শহর

শহরের বিষাক্ত বাতাস, ভঙ্গুর দালানকোঠা

জাঁকিয়ে বসা সভ্যতা, সব কিছু বলি দিয়ে


দুর্বিনীত পথিকের পথচলায় কখনো থমকে দাঁড়ায় সময়ের কাঁটা

স্বৈরাচারি অধীস্বরের মত গর্জে ওঠে, থামো! আর একবিন্দুও এগুবেনা!

কোথায় যাচ্ছো অন্ধের মতন? এক্ষুণি উল্টোদিকে ফেরো!

আপন করে নাও ঐ শহরের পঙ্কিল ধূলিধুসরিত কাঁকর


দৃঢ় সংকল্পে মোহাবিষ্ট পথিক তখন ভাবে

আর একটু পথ চললেই তো সে খুঁজে পাবে

আমাদের স্বপ্নে দেখা,ধূসর কুয়াশার চাদরে ঢাকা

আদি, অকৃত্রিম কোন শিল্পীর তুলিতে আঁকা

তোমার আমার চিরচেনা, পরাবাস্তব সেই প্রান্তর।।

Withered Soul

All your life you wait

In a serene, delusional state

For someone to come by and

Take your hand in their hands

And whisper,

The soft, surreal words,

Words only you can hear,

Words, which you have longed for

In the countless, indomitable years,

Then one day it appears.


The flame, for which you crave,

The infernal flame, which ignites

All your passion, and all your desires

And you drift in a dreamy state.

Your very own dreamland, full of hope

And full of colors, your heart leaps

Every time you feel the warmth,

But do not be deceived.


The rage creeps inside, the eternal thirst,

Feeding on your fears, sowing the rust,

As the faint gleam of hope fades

Through all the guilt, and all your sins,

A feast to feed the beast within.


Then let your heart stop pounding,

And let your mind take control.

Don’t think, don’t blink,

Don’t even weep no more.

For no matter how hard you try,

How grave you are, how hushed you cry,

No words, no prayers, no frail encore

Can heal the wounds of a withered soul.