Illusion of a Hindsight

As the shadow falls

On this nocturnal clay

And dreams of a new dawn

Paves its way, quiet & cautious

To dismay the restless day


It lingers beneath the soil

Far above, the warm blood boils

Keenly, the shadow seeks it path

Through the breaths and sighs

Of fragile human hearts


As the night turns to gray

The sunlight tears through

The raven canvas, and shatters

The faint depiction it had drawn

But the hope is not yet gone


It awaits another night

Beneath the illusion of a hindsight

Reborn with its flair, driven to despair

To ignite another dawn, a new dream to crucify

With savage tenacity and enigmatic glares

Voiceless Verses

If I am to give words

To how I perceive you in my mind

How would I define you?

Look around your room

The walls, the windows, the mirror, the roof

Don’t they whisper the same words, too?


I know, I sound pretty lame

This life is not an imitation game

So why should I be ashamed

To admit, that I know the signs? I’m not a fool

The mutters, the stares, the laughter, the glares

And your long hair, drifting in the austral air


Yet, what good can these words be

When fate fails to fathom you and me

Like a master deceiver, I choose to suffer

Till the calling comes, till you beg to differ

Oh, how I crave to hear, that I’m a fool to fear

By the day’s demise, our truth shall appear


But until then, I deny to give voice to these words

I’ll set them free.