Red Velvet Robe

In a calm winter night

As the stars shined above

And a blizzard took flight

Upon the fuzzy globe


A new life was born

With hope, melody and love

They kissed her and adorned

In a red velvet robe


Soon the winter was gone

As sunlight touched the snow

She played along in the lilting dawn

As the seasons watched her grow


From dawn to dusk

On the greenest grass

She let her fervors fly

Early birds and butterflies

Would sing her lullabies


Yet, as she grew

Over the frozen dew

The sun would shine no more

The land she dreamed, or so it seemed

Hazed to a distant shore


Then, on a quiet winter tide

While the stars were seeking love

They kissed her adieu

And wrapped her anew

In the red velvet robe

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