Urban Paranoia

Tireless tires roll on the concrete streets

On this ancient, enchanted metropolis

Where a rusty siren brings all the people

Under an undying, unchained machine

Where the souls meet, to abide by its deeds

They work, eat, sleep, breathe and repeat


Far from the farmlands, blocks of bricks & sand

Conjoined in a tight knot, to form an ideal anatomy

Execute a perfect plan

Smoke and dust gives new life to this land


Once overgreen, by redundant trees

Unwaged birds of a flock flying astray

Wild animals roaming here and there

Like they have all the time in the world

Like they are too dignified to care


Now, on this mighty high-yielding borough

Skyscrapers replace the wildlings

Their toxic metal breathes

Eradicate all the pain, and all the sorrow

Cruel crows and rude barking dogs

Overpower the human peasants

And guide them in their glorious exertion

To build a brighter tomorrow


A day, not too far away

In an insignificant, enlightened day

The petty sun shall shine no more

Faux illumination

Built by this ceremonial, sedulous nation

Will outshine its feeble light

Crops will die, inglorious flesh will rot and burn

An undying greed shall keep the earthlings fed

Till the siren untwines the souls

Till the last human child sings

A weeping lullaby.

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