“What’s on your mind?”

“What’s on your mind? / What are you thinking?”

Nearly every netizen of this Facebook generation is familiar with these questions, because, whenever you post a status, Facebook asks you these questions, and you read it consciously or subconsciously and you answer them, hoping for the attention of your loved ones (maybe) and perhaps also hoping for tons(!) of likes.

But how does it benefit you, really, if your thoughts just wash away just like that in a tide of “social” newsfeed?

And what makes you so confident that your only intention is to let the people you care about know what you are thinking and not to seek any “social” attention?

Sadly but truly, we live in a society where your “social” status and individual intellect are measured by the countless numbers of likes and comments on your statuses, posts and photos. It is measured by how many selfies or foodfies(!) you take when you take your friend(s), parent(s) or loved ones to a dinner, and your own happiness subconsciously relies on it, not necessarily on the moments that you cherish together.

No likes on your photos? Something must be terribly wrong! Did you use the right filter? Were the privacy settings right? Did you ensure to tag your friends along?

Let’s take a deep breath and repeat the questions again, What are you thinking? How are you feeling? Do you feel sane? Have you the ability to cherish a moment all by yourself or with people actually close to you, or have you lost that ability in the artificial, “socializing” tide?

Well, that is all that I have been thinking lately, so that is all that I will “share”, in my very personal web space which anyone may willingly visit simply by typing the URL. And if no one I “know” is willing to do so, I have no problem with that either. At least then I will know who really enjoys my company (both online and offline) … and who is just pretending to “like” and comment on my posts just for the sake of being virtually “social”. 🙂

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