Withered Soul

All your life you wait

In a serene, delusional state

For someone to come by and

Take your hand in their hands

And whisper,

The soft, surreal words,

Words only you can hear,

Words, which you have longed for

In the countless, indomitable years,

Then one day it appears.


The flame, for which you crave,

The infernal flame, which ignites

All your passion, and all your desires

And you drift in a dreamy state.

Your very own dreamland, full of hope

And full of colors, your heart leaps

Every time you feel the warmth,

But do not be deceived.


The rage creeps inside, the eternal thirst,

Feeding on your fears, sowing the rust,

As the faint gleam of hope fades

Through all the guilt, and all your sins,

A feast to feed the beast within.


Then let your heart stop pounding,

And let your mind take control.

Don’t think, don’t blink,

Don’t even weep no more.

For no matter how hard you try,

How grave you are, how hushed you cry,

No words, no prayers, no frail encore

Can heal the wounds of a withered soul.

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