The Weeping Sky

In the dark,

The sky wept for five days in a row

to leave a mark.

A mark of its melancholy and sorrow,

on this scorched earth, and there was no single soul

to witness its misery, So I

Walked and I walked.


On my skin,

I felt the first drop of the rain

pouring down in the silence.

I think I was a little bit distracted at that moment,

lost in the noiseless tranquility and ecstasy.

And when my sentience returned, I witnessed

the colorless, odorless rain turn into the color of human blood-

A warm, burning crimson red.

Maybe its intention was to give new life to the dead.


Then looking down at me from far above,

The weeping sky asked:

“How do you sate the thirst,

of your unending bloodlust?”


I did not know the answer, and thus

I asked the sky, “Why do you cry?

And watch our innocence die?

Have you nothing better to give the universe?”


Then I took shelter from the rain and shut all the windows

in hatred and disgust.

We walked our separate path.