Trigger Happy

“I am here to blow your brains,” said the alien to me, freshly landed from an outer galaxy.

It was a strange looking alien, not one of those typical, one eyed aliens you randomly bump into, but the alien looked just like me. Yet, for some strange reason, I could not figure out if the alien was a he or she or maybe both or neither. So I asked-

“What’s your name, Mr/Misses alien? err… should I call you mister or misses?”

“What’s a name? What’s a mister or misses?” replied the alien.

“umm … are you a boy or a girl? What’s your gender?” again I asked, insistently.

“What’s a boy or a girl? What’s a gender?”

I saw no point in arguing with this freak, so I walked away.

Next thing I know, I was walking on the street on all fours, looking for food while the homeless man lifted me up on his shoulders and I barked. Then he was taking me somewhere, I don’t know where, and when someone tried to take our picture I heard the man shout: “Hey you! Get off of my face son of a…”, and the guy lowered the camera and smirked at us. Now I was holding my mother’s arm, crossing the street, while she signalled the cars to stop with her left hand. So I signalled to the right with my tiny right hand, asking the imaginary cars to stop and let us cross safely.

The deep blue sky reflected on her deep blue eyes. It made no effect on her sentience whatsoever. The colors were exactly the same.

Drip-drop-droplets of water falling on the washroom tiles as I kept banging my head against the hard metal nozzle of the water tap. “I miss you so much,” I was telling myself, “but nobody here would understand.” I don’t know if I was right or wrong, though. The temporary homes of the homeless people are neatly arranged below the flyovers now. I see them every day on my rickshaw commutes. Their daily necessities hanging down the steel strings… bells ringing… sometimes a little kid refusing to eat lunch getting scolded or beaten up by his/her mother and the cry amplifies, ricocheting on the streetside stores and your fingers crushed between the door… shocked expression on your face… emergency taxi carrying you to the hospital…

“Get your goddamn senses together!” shouted the colonel. “You think you are so special!? You’re nothing, son. You’re an ant!”

He sounded downright offensive, yes, but I saw his point, aimed at the enemy trench ready to fire at a moment’s notice, while I stood on my hind legs trying to get a better view of the battlefield, quite uncommon behavior for a hexapod. Now my food was getting delayed, tea was going cold, so I sought the scent of my mate before me and crawled along the narrow line, following the footprints of oh so many comrades who crawled before me, some eaten so that you can learn to swim better, some burnt or crushed or hypnotized by the ventriloquist to be used as a puppet for the next show, and when the show is over the audience applauds and encores for more but it was time for me to go, so I called an autorickshaw and waited. I waited till summer was gone and autumn came and the leaves were all red and dry. They fell on the ground and I started walking into the fog with a chill running down my spine so I said fine, if you wanna rob me then why creep behind, come affront and get it done with Mr. Robber. Again I realized I had made a mistake because it was the same alien, asking me-

“Tell me miss, have you ever tried your hand in short fiction?”

“A short what?”

“A short fiction. They say you must write one to to introduce me before your world.”

“Who said?” I was beginning to question the alien’s authenticity. I felt smart that way.

“They,” the alien pointed to the other side of the road. “Those people standing over there, they want you to fly them over the mountain.”

“What mountain?” I wanted to ask, but suddenly my voice was muffled. I was flying over a snow-covered peak, I felt people on my back shouting, “breathe fire you useless dragon, breathe fire NOW.” So I coughed and watched the ice burn into ashes. People on my back cheered and hollered and my work there was done. The snowy mountain was a volcano now, the volcano will burn the icy land and make it habitable for humans. 

“Good job, you can go now,” they said. 

They also patted my back a few times I think. I don’t remember. I tried to fly away but my wing felt so stiff now. I tried to open my eyes but the sky was dark. Then I felt a hand grabbing me and lifting me up and suddenly everything was bright light and a voice said, “I bought it from a discount shop, looks quite real doesn’t it?” Things were getting clearer and I realized I was in a room and I wanted to scream and say, “I AM real and I will burn your pretty face if you don’t put me down mother******!” This very human-like trendy profanity seemed to have had its effect because I did not feel molested no more but everything was so peaceful. 

Everything was so quiet now. Life was going on. I realized that everything I had was already taken from me and there was nothing more to hope for. People stood neatly in the queue to enter the killzone while I watched their progression, still and motionless in the circuit of a CCTV system, waiting for an accident that was already designed to happen.