“Feminism” Redefined

“Feminism”- a term we are so fond of uttering these days. A term which “smart” women use to outsmart the world and solve all their problems, but do we ever give a clear thought to what it actually means to be a feminist?

Feminism does not mean that women are the superior species and all the men belong under their feet. Feminism does not mean that women have free rights to emotionally abuse and humiliate a broken soul and feel good about it. It does not mean that women don’t have to work hard to get what they deserve and everything they want will just fall on their laps whenever they want, however they want it. No, it means exactly the opposite of all that.

Feminism means being a strong enough woman to support your family and your loved ones in their difficult times, whether emotionally or financially. It means being strong enough to tell the world that a woman must be treated and respected as a human being, that they are not merely an object of display or desire. It means for a woman to be strong enough to make her own decisions in life, instead of relying on others “opinions”, and refusing to shape her life by listening to what other people or what the “society” say. Overall, it simply means being a strong, knowledgeable and independent woman, whom anybody can rely on, men and women alike, to lead them to prosperity and ease their difficulties.

And thus, my dear female counterparts of the human species, if you use the word “feminism” as a term to patronize others instead of a motto to improve your own self, then you are not really a feminist. You are just a parasite which sucks on others’ blood, which does not have any ambition of it’s own, and your only mission in life is to leave the “food source” dry after you are done with the feeding.

P.S. This is my personal blog and I just share my own thoughts here, they may or may not be identical to the reader’s point of view.

P.P.S. I think some of the characteristics described above are common within all the parasites in the world, regardless of their gender.

“What’s on your mind?”

“What’s on your mind? / What are you thinking?”

Nearly every netizen of this Facebook generation is familiar with these questions, because, whenever you post a status, Facebook asks you these questions, and you read it consciously or subconsciously and you answer them, hoping for attention of your loved ones(maybe) & also hoping for tons(!) of likes.

But how does it benefit you, really, if your thoughts just wash away just like that in a tide of “social” newsfeed?

And what makes you so confident that your only intention is to let the people you care about know what you are thinking, and not to seek “social” attention?

Sad but true, we live in a society where your “social” status & individual intellect is measured by the countless numbers of likes & comments on your statuses, posts & photos. Its measured by how many selfies or foodfies(!) you take when you take your friend or mother or loved ones to a dinner, and your own happiness subconsciously relies on it, not necessarily on the moments that you cherish together.

No likes on your photos? Something must be terribly wrong! Did you use the right filter? Were the privacy settings right? Did you ensure to tag your friends along?

Let’s take a deep breath and repeat the questions again, What are you thinking? How are you feeling? Do you feel sane? Have you the ability to cherish a moment all by yourself, or with people actually close to you or have you lost that ability in the artificial, “socializing” tide?

Well, that’s all I’ve been thinking lately, so that’s all I will “share”, in my very personal web space which anyone may willingly visit simply by typing the URL. And if no one is willing to do so, I have no problem with that either. At least then I will know who really enjoys my company (both online & offline) … and who is just pretending to “like” & comment on my posts just for the sake of being virtually “social”. 🙂

***My aim in life: a short(!) summary on my “own” lifelong dreams & desires that you probably shouldn’t care about***

So its my birthday in just 3 days and I’ve spent nearly 1/3rd period of my life on earth(assuming that an average human being lives for 75 years) eating and breathing and walking and stargazing. By this age most people of the society have a certain “aim” in life, i.e. some want to be a doctor, some a programmer, a scientist, an architect, a teacher, a musician etc. etc. professional title holders in their lives. Although I’ve never truly put a good thought on what I want to “be” in the future, I’m merely a mortal human being with an expiration date. Hence I think I should sort out my primary goals and visions about my life and share it to the people who are curious.

1. I think my primary aim in life is “not to be” a beggar. This means, I never ever want to “beg” for anything materialistic OR abstract to anyone. This includes: money, shelter, love, friendship, freedom, respect, recognition and anything that ever is and ever was that human beings crave for.

I am a human being and no matter how lazy or unproductive I am at this moment, I have the ability to achieve anything that I need to live, accept what I already have and deny anything that is toxic to my well-being. Denying this truth is same as denying my capabilities as a human, and thus my main goal is to be self-dependent.

2. Next, I wish to eradicate all toxicity from my mind and body and become a free spirit. My body is not a waste deposit and I must not get constipated or contain unnecessary fat. I wish to eat healthy, workout a lot, breath fresh air and avoid inhaling & consuming anything that’s harmful for my vessel.

And as for my mind, I wish to surround myself with beautiful people & objects. I’m not gonna waste my valuable time whining and crying for the people who does not give a damn about my feelings or existence. I’m gonna be more compassionate for those who truly love me and care for me in my dark hours and I’m gonna mute each and every stupid morons who try to use me, judge me or humiliate me(and even after that if someone “really” try to mess with me then I’ll report them to rito and then they all get permabanned. :3 )

I wish to freshen up & calm my mind in the nature. I wish to enjoy the beauty of all the seasons and all their gifts in rain, fog, storm or heat. I wish to watch good movies and tv shows, read good novels, play good games, listen to good music, take pretty pictures & learn a lot more about science and arts and various other stuffs & wonders that I’ve never even heard of before.

4. I will not be afraid of the darkness. I refuse to be afraid of the darkness. The light is for blind fools who are afraid of the night. Darkness is beautiful, and I will walk along the dark road where no one has ever been. And I’ll just keep walking eternally & never get bored.

5. If you’ve read this far, then you definitely deserve a cookie! ^_^ But too bad a 3d food printer hasn’t been invented yet. :/ But worry not fellow traveler! Facebook has already been kind enough to upload some cookies inside your browser cache while you were busy reading this status and resuming this epic journey to nowhere. B-)

But I need to go play some #League now so our journey must end now. It was nice talking to you about my lifelong dreams & desires k byeeeeeeeeee :3 <(“)